Tree 2017

This year’s cat and Christmas tree strip is a bit different.

The grand switch-on

Every Christmas for the last few years or so, the house at the end of my cul de sac has had progressively larger and more elaborate Christmas decorations put up outside it in support of the St Michael’s Hospice in St Leonards. It started off fairly small, with a few illuminated trees and tube lights affixed to the side of the house. Last year they built a ski run down the side of the house. This year they had a river.

Here’s the BBC news report on it. You’ll have to click here to view it as I can’t embed it in the blog.

It even made The Sun.

Apart from the night of the big switch-on which attracted crowds so great that it was impossible to drive into my road, and the subsequent month-long drizzle of cars crawling by the house and paying no attention to their driving, there was little disruption to our lives. The lights faced the main street and disn’t disturb us, and I think they also had their own electricity supply provided for them. In the cartoon, I exaggerated the effect they had on their neighbours for comic effect.

It took several attempts to get the Spielbergian light effect I wanted. This was my first go, and it ended up as more of a glowing mist than the blast of light I wanted.



smith-pilcher-899-160106Thanks to Eric Salinas of the ’Something about Celeste’ strip for providing me with today’s headline in the comments section for this strip. I was going to go with something more like ‘Miaow-hican’.

A very sincere Christmas Tree


I’m glad to see that most of my readers recognized the tree as the one from the Peanuts Christmas special ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’.



I see these trees in Hobby Lobby, and all I can think of is that this is what the war on Christmas looks like.

This year’s cat and Christmas Tree strip


It’s time to start Christmas, and as is traditional, here’s the annual remix of the cat and christmas tree strip. This time it’s just the beginning, as I thought I’d see what the consequences of Smith and Jones’ annual arboreal wrecking spree would be…

This year’s Christmas strips were written during lunch breaks sitting on the wellington Rocks in Tunbridge Wells. It’s a lovely place to sit and there are very few distractions so you can just let your mind wander and come up with gags. I’m currently writing this on an iPad at a kitchen table in Clovis NM, another place equally devoid of distractions. I’m hoping to get a good few months of gags written during my time here.


This year’s cat and Christmas tree strip

Smith-Pilcher-734-141217One of the traditions of this comic is the annual cat-and-Christmas-tree strip. Here for your consideration is this year’s variation on the theme.

The Christmas decorations have gone up in Hastings, and you can tell that the trees in the town centre have been decorated by people who own cats. There are a lot of pubs in that neighborhood and the wildlife you find roaming around there at 2am can be rather alarming. There’s a lot of shouting, fighting and falling over that happens, and to a drunk the low hanging fruit of a garland of fairylights can be all too tempting. Therefore the decorations don’t start until halfway up the tree, well out of reach of curious paws.