Smudge and Chumley


Smudge is a fluffy blue and white British Shorthair. She lives with her brother Chumley down the road from Smith.

Smudge desperately wants to be the top cat in the area, but no-one pays any attention to her bossiness.

She is the guardian of a leftover bit of brick wall in the middle of the estate. No-one who is not of her blood is allowed onto it. No-one knows why, but Smith is determined to find out.

Smudge is a black belt at the feline martial art of Swipe.



Chumley is Smudge’s gentle giant of a brother. he may look like a big bruiser but he’s the kindest most placid soul imaginable.

He doesn’t understand why everything has to be pounced upon just because he’s a cat. ‘Live and let live’ is his motto. Smudge keeps on trying to turn him into a real cat but he’s not interested.