Funny how the midnight madness always stops as soon as the sun comes up.

Passive dreaming

Passive dreaming is like passive smoking – dreams that are experienced second-hand. I get this a lot – only Linda is dreaming she’s back nursing in the burns unit in Covenant Hospital in Lubbock. It’s truly weird to be woken up by someone who is talking in a commanding voice about the drips she’s setting up for the latest patient to come in. Or she’ll be explaining in a gentle but no-nonsense manner to the family of a burn victim what they can expect to happen for the next few months. Or once, memorably, she was trying to push a buffalo into a wardrobe.



Lost in bed

We have one of those memory foam mattresses. My wife loves it – while I’ve grown to accept it over the years. Given the choice, I’d just have a futon and a duvet – nice and simple and hard as a steel plate under a layer of cotton. But that’s not going to happen.