The lights going on and off

‘The lights going on and off’ was the Turner Prize winning artwork back in 2001. It won the rtist Martin Creed £20,000 and consisted of some lights, First they went on. Then they went off.

I’ve added a cat. Turner prize jury, you know where to post the cheque.

Tree 2017

This year’s cat and Christmas tree strip is a bit different.

It’s nearly Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas! And yes, the Coke trucks have been on the telly for at least two weeks by now. Holidays are coming.. holidays are coming… etc.

The floor is made of lava

But don’t cats spend most of their days assuming the floor is made of lava anyway?


This is pretty much how I feel about gaming. I tried getting into around the time of the Sega Mega Drive but I quickly got bored with it.


Guy Fawkes Night

Tonight is Guy Fawkes night. Be careful out there and keep your pets indoors, there’s going to be a lot of foreworks going off tonight…

Tis the season

This year’s finds have included Pumpkin Spice Instant Quaker Oats and Pumpkin Spice Baileys. This in a country that wouldn’t have known what a spiced pumpkin was five years ago.


I’m playing catchup again, as usually happens when I’m doing a show. This was drawn on my lap during rehearsals for the musical Fame, which explains the wobblier than usual line.

Grey rabbits

OK, that’s greys dealt with. You won’t see them again in this comic.