Tis the season

This year’s finds have included Pumpkin Spice Instant Quaker Oats and Pumpkin Spice Baileys. This in a country that wouldn’t have known what a spiced pumpkin was five years ago.


People questioned what sarnies and rissoles are in the comments for this one.

Sarnies are a colloquial term for sandwiches, as in ham sarnies or cheese and pickle sarnies. Tounge sarnies are something altogether different.

In Britain a rissole is a sort of cross between a meatball and a burger, fried and sometimes covered in breadcrumbs.

Playing with your food


Drawn on the iPad. To me it’s really obvious, as the lines are freer and more painterly, and the lettering isn’t as precise, but most people can’t tell the difference.

For the next month, the strips will all be drawn by hand, as you’ll see I’m having to add a lot more detail into the settings…

Courgetti spaghetti


Maybe it hasn’t hit the States yet, but at the moment, everything in the UK is now available in spiralized form. Or you can spiralize it yourself with a very expensive spiralizer that you’ll use twice and then put in a cupboard next to the Breville toaster never to be used again. It’ll keep the foodies entertained until they rediscover fondue again (that must be due its once-every-two-decade revival by now, surely?)

Remix 2


Once again, a remix of an old Millie strip – in this case it’s the last one from this sequence…


If there’s anyone who is unfamiliar with Millie, the strip I wrote for the Daily Mirror in the 1990s (so that’ll be all of you, then) you can find scans of the first few years of it on the old blog, starting HERE.