You never know where an idea will come from. This one came from a book of transcripts from Melvyn Bragg’s  BBC Radio 4 programme ‘In Our Time’. If you don’t know the show, it’s essentially Melvyn and a hand picked panel of experts shut in a small room with a microphone dissecting a different randonly chosen academic subject for 45 minutes live on a Thursday morning. One show might be about string theory, the next about the fall of Constantinople, the next about Mary Shelley, and then one about the Dreyfus affair. This show was about the origins of life, and Richard Corfield (I’ve spelled his name incorrectly in the strip) mentioned this fact about cat litter in it.  You can listen to the show here: And then you can go through the archive – there’s over 500 shows there dating back to the first edition in 1998.

Detective work


This is a warning, with Christmas coming up. Cat poo is the new coal. You don’t want to find any at the bottom of your stocking.

Scrape scrape scrape


Scrape scrape

smith-pilcher-864-151016Back when this was a simple all-in-a-line strip cartoon I would have used one of my continuous backgrounds to get the idea of the litter tray moving through a landscape across. Now I have to draw the same background four times.


smith-pilcher-863-151014The real Cholmondeley tended to do this a lot. He’d start of scraping at the litter, then move on to scraping the floor and the walls. Bella has taken this one step further, by trying to fold in the sides of the litter tray once she’s done her business. She can’t manage it, but she uses so much force trying to do it that she ends up propelling the litter tray across the bathroom floor.