It’s nearly Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas! And yes, the Coke trucks have been on the telly for at least two weeks by now. Holidays are coming.. holidays are coming… etc.

Pirate Day 2017

Ar! Celebrating a Hastings summer tradition.

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Un point


Remember last Christmas’s John Lewis advert? This is the sequel.

2016 in seven words

2016 was a year in which the human race seemed to take leave of its senses. We’re in for a wild ride in the next few years as the consequences of the stupid decisions we’ve made this year play through their inevitable courses. Stay safe, folks.

The real meaning of Christmas

In the interests of balance, here’s the other side of the Christmas equation…

Bird scarer

One of these things has appeared in my neighbourhood. It’s essentially a kite in the shape of a bird of prey (or a kite in the shape of a kite if you like) tethered to a pole. It’s made out of polythene so it’s very light and it only takes the lightest of breezes to send it aloft, and as it’s tethered it rises and then swoops down suddenly like stooping buzzard. The combination of the silhouete and the movement keeps nesting seagulls away. This summer we haven’t had any seagulls on our roof.

However, it does also look like a very large cat toy.

To Battle

Let’s get this straight. The Battle of Hastings didn’t take place at Hastings – it took place at Battle. Of course, battle was’t called Battle then, that came later, after the battle. Before the battle it was a field on the side of Senlac Hill. After the battle, William the Conqueror founded an abbey on the site, called Battle Abbey and the town of Battle grew around it. Hastings was where William and his troops stayed for the week before the battle, while Harold, the English king, was trying to get his troops back down from Yorkshire where he had just had to fight another battle against some opportunistic Vikings.

Chumley gets to play the humble local.

Lynch mob

Reflecting the new meaner small-minded mood towards newcomers that had manifested itself after the Brexit vote. If anyone’s going to be the reactionary in the group its going to be Smudge. Luckily her brother is a bit more Zen about things.