Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s nearly Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas! And yes, the Coke trucks have been on the telly for at least two weeks by now. Holidays are coming.. holidays are coming… etc.

Pirate Day 2017

Ar! Celebrating a Hastings summer tradition.

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Status update


Remember last Christmas’s John Lewis advert? This is the sequel.

2016 in seven words

2016 was a year in which the human race seemed to take leave of its senses. We’re in for a wild ride in the next few years as the consequences of the stupid decisions we’ve made this year play through their inevitable courses. Stay safe, folks.

The real meaning of Christmas

In the interests of balance, here’s the other side of the Christmas equation…


We don’t see many illuminated inflatables in Britain, but I see a lot of them in Clovis, NM. There’s something sad about them during the day – deflated Santas lying collapsed on a front lawn made of straw.

Smudge v the clowns

In the war between Smudge and creepy clowns, there can only be one victor, and you can guarantee it won’t be the clown. Especially if her wall is involved.