Return of the Parp



smith-pilcher-902-160113Sometime I colour up a strip and think it’s turned out just right. This one, especially the last panel, is one of those strips.

El Nino

smith-pilcher-901-160111I’m doing some weather forecasting here. The UK has had a spectacularly warm winter so far – up to now I haven’t had to put the heating on once. The temperature has really dropped below 10°C and daffodils and other harbingers of Spring have started appearing early. However, that usually means a cold snap will turn up around mid-January, and that’s what I was banking on when I wrote this in November. So far everything appears to be happening bang on schedule.



Parp Honk

smith-pilcher-772-150316It’s good to have an extended range of characters that can pop in and out of the strip as required. This is Dave the Swan – we haven’t seen him for a couple of years, I’ll have to bring him back this summer if I can find something for him to do. (Actually, as I’m currently writing scripts for June, I know where the cats are and he’d fit in perfectly…)


smith-pilcher-770-150311When I first wrote this I thought this was marvellously silly –  but then when I came to draw it I realised I’d set myself the problem of having to render a rabbit playing a euphonium. I think I succeeded – I even let Scrumpy have a smile in the last frame.

The rustle of spring

smith-pilcher-769-150309We’ve had a reprieve from the winter this weekend – on Saturday it was actually shirtsleeves weather. Winter is due to resume on Monday and will probably continue until June. At least the seasons in comic strips are a bit more predictable, and I can bring out Dave the parping daffodil for his annual appearance.