Real horror

I can’t wait for GoComics to restart and to return to drawing three times a week. Then I can go back to constructing stories rather than producing one offs, which at the moment are tending to react to the day’s news and just get a little grim. I’m using Scrumpy, who is very much the manifestation of my cynical pessimistic side far too much these days… I want to produce more zany Jonesness, or gentle Chumleyness.

Incidentally, we’ve heard gtom GoComics towers, and there’s no chance Sherpa is going to relaunch this year. They still have no idea when it’s going to begin again, only that it will. Eventually. So it looks like Smith will be returning to it’s three-a-day schedule sometime in early summer 2018, as that’s when the daily reruns on Tapas are going to catch up with real time.

Grey rabbits

OK, that’s greys dealt with. You won’t see them again in this comic.

The Scrumpy dance

My tribute to Snoopy’s dances of joy from the Peanuts cartoons. Two of the poses are taken directly from Schulz. But then the reality of dancing with ears has to intrude.

Sponsor me. I’m dreading this.

Scrumpy on social media

Thse aren’t just eggs…

Things have moved on a bit since I was a kid and the best you could expect was a Cadbury’s Buttons egg which spilt in half to present a pouch of three chocolate buttons. Easter eggs are now art. Marks and Spencers have made this their speciality this year, with eggs that owe more to the art of Henry Moore than to the art of the chocolatier. In the last frame, Smith is sat behind the carrot cake flavoured egg from Waitrose I got Linda this year. Me? I’ve got a tiny Kinder suprise egg. That’s the joy of Type 2 Diabetes for you.

Happy new year

Happy new year.

Bee dee dee… Bee dee dee

In my day job I work on the design and production side of a business-to-business news organisation. We don’t deal in politics really – only when it tangentally affects the civil engineering and construction industries. There was one point in the summer where we’d just voted for Brexit, politicians were resigning left right and centre, Donald Trump was finding a new minority group to belittle every day, and famous writers, artists and musicians were dropping dead in platoons. We had to switch off the news alerts on our phones as we couldn’t concentrate with them going off every ten minutes, bearing bad news each time…

2016 in seven words

2016 was a year in which the human race seemed to take leave of its senses. We’re in for a wild ride in the next few years as the consequences of the stupid decisions we’ve made this year play through their inevitable courses. Stay safe, folks.

Bird scarer

One of these things has appeared in my neighbourhood. It’s essentially a kite in the shape of a bird of prey (or a kite in the shape of a kite if you like) tethered to a pole. It’s made out of polythene so it’s very light and it only takes the lightest of breezes to send it aloft, and as it’s tethered it rises and then swoops down suddenly like stooping buzzard. The combination of the silhouete and the movement keeps nesting seagulls away. This summer we haven’t had any seagulls on our roof.

However, it does also look like a very large cat toy.

Savage dog

Two fan favourites together for the first time. Prepare yourself for cute overload!