Supply problems

This started off as an April fools’ gag but it went somewhere else.

Bulge, bulge


Scrumpy’s eyes have slowly been slipping down his face over the years, and while it’s been useful in making him look more downbeat it’s also been making him look less and less like a rabbit. I’ve moved his eyes back up again, and I’m much happier with him now. His eyes will continue to shift up and down his nose according to mood, but this should be their default position.

Creme egg


This is my first diabetic Easter. I miss Creme Eggs. However, it looks like I don’t really have that much to miss any more



That’s the problem with subcontracting your work out – the people involved just don’t have the same involvement in making sure they do a good job. Ask anyone who has had to deal with a company that has subcontracted out its customer care to a call centre in Bangalore. Talktalk Broadband, I haven’t forgotten you, and I note that five years after I gave you up as a lost cause you’re still bottom of Which’s customer service tables.



Hurrah, a strip with an actual cat in it at last! And a rabbit and a seagull.



That Easter Bunny Magic

smith-pilcher-780-150403Apologies for this being a bit late.

Unexpected item

smith-pilcher-779-150401For some reason I’ve always wanted to put one of the animals in the strip on a supermarket self-service till, it’s just one of those images that appealed to me, and I’ve finally done it with Scrumpy.

Irritatingly I coloured it in once using Sainsbury’s orange and cream livery, just because that’s the supermarket nearest to my workplace and therefore the one I’m most used to. Then I coloured in the Tesco carrier bags and realised I had to recolour everything else to match. (Tesco, being more concise, is a funnier name than Sainsbury’s, and is more ubiquitous – however, if Piggly Wiggly ever opened a store in Britain I’d chose them!)

The most irritating self-service tills are in Morrisons. Their tills are so sensitive they won’t let you open their carrier bags before bleeping your groceries through the bar code reader, so you have to bleep everything through, pay and then pack. It’s a fault apparent in every branch I’ve ever been to.


smith-pilcher-778-150330OK, do you believe Scrumpy’s telling the truth here?

Thanks to the late lamented Smash Hits magazine for the word ‘Blee!’

A bunny’s work is never done