The return of Sandy

As last week – Sandy hasn’t appeared in the strip much since we went weekly, so here she is again.

2016 in seven words

2016 was a year in which the human race seemed to take leave of its senses. We’re in for a wild ride in the next few years as the consequences of the stupid decisions we’ve made this year play through their inevitable courses. Stay safe, folks.


The sound effect ‘Ptui’ is taken from Peanuts. Not too sure where ‘Glom’ came from, though.

This is one of those four panel narratives where everything is a direct consequence of the previous panel and the action just flows in a satisfying way.  And it has my usual wet liberal message about the futility of aggression.


I intended this just to be about Sandy seeing something that looks like a stick and chasing after it. But some people saw something more in it – Sandy seeing the twig as a tree, turning this into a pee joke in an unseen fifth panel. It’s actually a better punchline so I’ll let that interpretation go by uncontested. And we can add it to the long list of strange correlations between this strip and Donald Trump’s presidency.

Return to Fort Jones

Written and drawn while I was in the States during the final surreal stages of the election. Was I inspired by an urge to hide behind a bunch of cushions until the tartrazine demagogue went away? Not really. I was inspired by being in a house which contained a dog, a sofa and lots of cushions. And I had an idea for a very bad pun which needed to be set up today…

And no, I don’t know how Sandy got in the house.

Cat, interrupted

The problem with dogs is that they don’t have an off-switch and you can never play alone.

Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?

Some people can only get validation by being as obnoxious as possible and seeing what response they get. Ignore them and it’s like you’ve taken away the reason for their existence.

Return of the stump

If the stump has a name, I suppose it has to be Donald. Donald Stump. It gets peed on a lot as well.

The third way

If Wednesday’s strip was a comment on the US Elections, this must have been a premonition of its eventual winner. I even used the word Trump in the punchline! Or it’s just a dog doing what dogs do in other animals’ doings.